Artist Statement

I make art because I was born to do so.  It is my way of communicating in imaginative ways with the world around me.  I am trying to give people a reason to pause for a moment, catch their breath and experience something new. Beauty is found not only in the representation of things we are familiar with but also in the abstraction that allows for personal interpretation.

The pieces are created by layering colors and mediums to create texture and depth that is very organic.  This process makes each piece an original experience.  Seeing how a piece evolves is very cathartic for me, representing the different facets of life and how it all comes together in beautiful and unexpected ways.  The multiple layers blending to creating the total piece. My work is an expression of the emotive power of color and movement. The creating is, at a minimum, as important as the creation.

Whether abstract or realistic, I feel art should be not only beautiful but have the ability to affect the viewer as well. I love the interaction I get to have with people who view my pieces – to see the work through other eyes.

In my new series I deal with the basic idea of importance.  What makes something important? I am asking the viewer to dive in, examine the pieces and decide for themselves the most important element. 

In most situations, the human figure is assumed to be the most important, but when all the surrounding factors are considered this is not always true. Is it the individual that matters most or is it the contextual surroundings in which they exist? If we truly look past the most obvious things we see and take the time to absorb the details we may just get a new perspective.